This week I went to the National Gallery of Victoria, where I was able to appreciate some of Australia’s Indigenous Art.

This is very important because Indigenous art hasn’t been always able in museums or galleries, its since 1950’s that Australia’s state and national galleries fall into Indigenous art, but it is not until 1980’s and 1990’s that this art gain more strength so galleries and museums decided to increase its presence in  their exhibitions.

Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia “Beyond the pale” Sandra Hill

“Beyond the pale” by Sandra Hill was the painting that caught my eye. I am used to see different paints (size, colors, techniques,etc) but I had never seen a frame that interacts with the painting before. That is what happens in this work, the relationship between the canvas and the frame gives the complete meaning to what Sandra is trying to express. Through this fence you can observe two different scenarios, the first one took place in the way of living in the fields and you can see a man preparing to do some gardening more in contact with the land.On the other canvas you have this lady doing laundry living in what seems to be the city, there is no tree or even color green. In this work you can see open space in urban and rural way of living.

Its impressive when you realize all the information you can get from looking at a painting. I usually like to take a look without knowing anything about the piece of art, trying to do my own interpretation. Then I read about what the author wants to communicate through his work and see if I get the same message or I made a completely different interpretation. This part its very interesting because things that you get from the painting could turn out to be totally different to the ones another person got, and I think that is what makes art so especial, it tells distinct stories. The are to many ways to read a painting and none of them has to be right or wrong.




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