As an exchange student living in Australia I wanted to know more about the country that would become my home for the next six months, that’s why I decided to enroll in Australian Society course.

To get to know a place you have to take a look at the past, what happened before that make Australia the country we know nowadays. Browsing through the internet I found this video:


Aboriginal People Respond To “Australia Day”

This made me want to know more about aboriginal people and why this people feel this way.

Indigenous people have a strong connection with the Land,  for them the land is not just soil or rocks, its something much more bigger than that, is the territory from which they made their living. Knowledge comes in many forms. Landforms, waterways, skies, seasons, plants and animals together form the “Country”. Aboriginals learned to read the signs and listen the Country from a very early age. They’ve been passing all this knowledge from generation to generation, leaving a track for the next generations to follow.

Life changed for them when Europeans arrived as described in the next image.

First People Exhibition, Melbourne Museum

Learning from the past, people are trying to change thoughts about this people, and all of the immigrant that form Australia’s community. Government is developing new laws regarding aboriginal rights. Museums are showing, through exhibitions, the importance of Aboriginals in Australian Culture. As we can see in the video, when celebrating Australia you have to think all of the different people that create and unify this diverse nation.



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